Co-op Special                      

Our Local Guide's Advertising Co-op Special!

To Qualify for  50% discount:

Business must include some type of Discount Coupon
     to be used in the OLG ad.
Business must ask to:
 [ Visit us at " for Discount Coupon! ]
    In their newspaper, magazine or other print advertisements.

Term:  6 Months
2 Full pages with Story and Photos!
Satisfaction Guaranteed *

$150 down to start AD design work, write copy and take Photos
* Balance of $150 when Business's Ad is approved prior to activation.
Payment Option
$150 down to start AD design work, write copy and take Photos
* Balance $300, paid by $50 Payments at the beginning of each month, prior to activation, for 6 months.

      * If you are not fully satisfied, your money, will be Courteously refunded in full!

Low Cost local advertising, helps to lower overall advertising expenses, let's you keep more of what you make!
Easy to change, No wasted out of date ads or flyers, Saves advertising dollars!
Easy to expand, get greater response at reduced costs, Saves Advertising dollars!
High Quality, enhances your business's Image, Brings new, Quality customers to you!
Reaches Internet Savvy customers, and allows you to expose your business to new customers, with high buying potential, More sales!  More Profit!
Relocation Guide, Draws customers that are new to the area, to your Business, creating a larger customer base and increased business!